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If you follow the E6 4-5 miles north from Narvik, you will come to Gratangen in Sør-Troms.

The E6 goes a bit up the hill, and down to the left you can glimpse Gratangsbotn, a small cluster of houses at the very bottom of a fjord arm. If you follow the road a few kilometers along the south side of the fjord, you will come to Foldvik.  

Foldvik is the headquarters of the Lundberg family, from here the family has operated boats for fishing and catching, since 1918.


Brønnbåt Nord AS is a wellboat shipping company that was founded on 15 April 2015 and is located at Engenes on Andørja and in Salangen in Sør-Troms.


The company is a local collaboration between Salaks AS, Gratanglaks AS and Kleiva fiskefarm AS. 


The name Gratangen comes from the Norse Grjotangr; Grjot, «stone»; angr, «bay, fjord». The Sami name of the municipality is Rivttàk.

The municipal coat of arms was approved in 1990 and has a silver-colored chevron against a blue background, which mimics the sea and mountains. The municipality's flag has a white chevron against a blue background.


Håløy Havservice is a company that offers maritime service work to aquaculture and other nearby industries.

The company was established in 2001 and has for many years performed assignments for regular customers in the Sør-Troms area.


Grocery store in Norgesgruppen



Kystbutikken As, Joker Gratangen is surrounded by, among others, Foldvik Brygger, Mølla and Foldvik Bryggeferie. It is a convenience store with a big heart and a good soul. The shop offers food, petrol, fishing equipment, flowers, delivery of goods and a good cup of coffee.


Kasseriet AS is a local fish box producer who delivers boxes from Finnmark in the north to Lofoten in the south.

Kasseriet is owned by Astafjord Slakteri, Gratanglaks, Linmo and Eps-Invest.

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