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Capacity: 140 tonnes of salmon per day

New factory (2008):
Strict requirements for food safety and working environment

Location: Brattberg, just outside Foldvik in Gratangen

Owners: Kleiva Fiskefarm AS, Gratanglaks AS and Norwell AS

This group of owners employs about 1 people in the South Troms region


New parcel line (2020): In 2020, we updated the packing line with new graders and the box line adapted to 70 tonnes per. shift


Expanded: In 2017, the building was further expanded to provide opportunities for increased capacity, as well a box factory was built next door to us. The waiting cage plant was further expanded to the current capacity of 900 tonnes.

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• The first Slakteri business started in the mid-80s. Then you could slaughter up to 3000 kg in one day. It was fairly simple facilities compared to today's facilities

• At the end, the old Slakteriet had a capacity of about 30 tonnes per. day

• Due to strict requirements for food safety,  working environment and quality requirements from the market, the company chose in 2008 to build completely new production facilities

• The first phase has now been completed with a plant built to be able to harvest up to 100 tonnes of salmon per day

Vår ledelse



Alexander Johnsen


Alexander has worked at Slakteriet since 2020.

Alexander has over 30 years of experience in the blue sector, and is
concerned with leading Slakteriet's skilled employees to achieve a common goal by building culture through a person-oriented creative and inspiring leadership style.

In his spare time you can find him on a boat trip, fishing trip, or just out in nature.
He is interested in northern Norwegian nature, and is also very fond of traveling
to experience new and familiar places.


Arvid Småriseth


Arvid has worked at Slakteriet since 2021.

Arvid's main task is to do one of the most important values the best possible - the people who work at Slakteriet.

He thinks it is an exciting challenge to be involved in designing good teams.

"Slakteriet is a modern company that focuses on quality, communication and the right competence. Something that gives meaning and professional pride at all levels."


In his spare time, it's his family that matters. 
Then it goes to small farms with sheep, chickens, and bees, interspersed with philosophy and history of philosophy.


Magdalena Habierska


Magdalena has worked at Slakteriet since 2008.

Magdalena is responsible for quality, complaints and hygiene.
She is also responsible for the company's certifications,
and sampling in the company.

When she's not at work here she is
quite safe to find on a mountain top,
or on a bike ride.

Hans Arne.jpg

Hans-Arne Hanssen


Hans-Arne has worked at Slakteriet since 2008.

Hans-Arne is our technical manager. He thrives here with us, 

and finds that the job here is exciting.

He also says that it can be challenging, as there is constantly new development. And, at times demanding and major challenges.

Outside working hours, it is boating and fishing that applies to him.


Vilmantas Kazemekas


Vilmantas has worked at Slakteriet since 2013.

Vilmantas' plan in the beginning was to only work through the season.

But he passed all positions and was offered a job at Slakteriet. Now he is the line- and logistics leader.

"We have a great team and we are growing together!"

"I always try to do my job professionally, and I think it's going well."

He enjoys traveling, playing video games, and snowmobiling in his spare time.


Gediminas Remeikis


Gediminas has worked at Slakteriet since 2019.

Gediminas is also a line- and logistics manager.

He is good at achieving the group's goals, and creating structure.

He believes Slakteriet is a company with potential to grow, and that we are open to innovations.

He thrives here with us, and we thrive with him on our team!


Renate Johansen


Renate has worked at the Slakteriet since 2008.

At Slakteriet, Renate is responsible for various tasks, such as salary payments and handling vouchers for the accountant.

She keeps a good overview, and also orders goods and equipment for our company. We appreciate her!


In her free time, much of the time goes to family, but you can also meet her on a walk in nature or at the cabin.

Renate also loves to bake!


Deivydas Pilkauskas


Deivydas has worked at Slakteriet since 2021.

Deivydas is one of our team leaders,

he is very creative and has

a lot of experience.

He thinks Slakteriet is a comprehensive workplace,

and is also therefore very motivated for his job.


Rokas Mazutis


Rokas has worked at Slakteriet since 2018.

Rokas is also one of our team leaders, he gets most things done, and thinks that Slakteriet has good opportunities to build a strong and ambitious team.


He is interested in new and effective innovations, and believes that Slakteriet is one good workplace for sharing ideas and to implement them.


In his spare time, you will most likely find Rokas on the edge of the sofa, watching movies.

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